Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Letter to the Mayor, Commissioners


Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

Street Roots fully supports the City of Portland’s goal to keep downtown safe.

We respect the Portland Business Alliance, the City of Portland and groups like Street
Roots working together to create a healthy downtown for all Portlanders. We are
concerned that a private interest group will be paying for the salaries of three police
officers working on behalf of the general public.

We are also concerned about the directive given to Portland police officers working in
conjunction with private security guards in the downtown region.

Currently, private security guards working for the Portland Patrol Inc. have the capacity
to issue park exclusions. More than 1,100 exclusions have been given out to Portland
citizens by the private agency since November.

Street Roots is concerned that any police officers paid for by the Portland Business
Alliance would be working in conjunction with an agency that enforces public policy
with no public directive or oversight.


Israel Bayer
Director, Street Roots
211 NW Davis
Portland, Oregon 97209

Mission: “Street Roots is a nonprofit newspaper assisting people experiencing
homelessness and poverty by creating flexible income opportunities. Through education,
advocacy and personal expression, we are a catalyst for individual and social change.”

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