Monday, August 27, 2007

Last chance to take Street Roots Reader Survey!

We've had hundreds of people respond to the Street Roots Readers Survey!

What are we finding out so far?

The majority of people reading the paper make between 30K and 100K, and they are very well-educated. We've found out nearly 40% of those surveyed read more than half of the newspaper, while another 30% read it cover to cover.

People hate Soup Can Sam or is that a sign they really love him? Readers love the vendors and think we are changing the face of the way people look at homelessness and poverty in our community.

What are people saying so far?

"The Vendors are the ambassadors of the paper, they have changed the hearts and minds of many Portlanders about the realities of homelessness, thanks and respect to them!"

"I love this paper for it's truth and for what it does to help the vendors. Buying the paper has changed me from a person who was not comfortable with all homeless people. Now, I strike up conversations and enjoy chatting with the vendors and they, in return, must be feeling better also!"

"I think the changes being made in the content of the paper are exceptional. The featured articles seem more in depth and the choice of stories (the environment, PBA/PPI, Hurricane Kat) are timely and engrossing."

"Quality of the paper has improved, but you've lost your edge!"

Please take the time to let your voice be heard by Street Roots!
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