Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cops vs. private eyes

The new edition of SRs is on the streets. The cover story is a feature on videotaping alteracations between police and the public. Activists say it's the road to accountability, while law enforcement says it has concerns over privacy and creating inaccurate public perceptions.

Other features include a Q & A with Community Alliance of Tenants Ian Slingerland, a profile on artist/activist Dan Shea, and stories on what's happening on the ground in Chile and Indonesia from the Street News Service.

A ride of his life features the amazing story of vendor John Thompson who recently wrode to San Francisco on a bike donated from the Community Cycling Center. Did we mention John only has one arm and had no money.

Our editorial looks at the hype around Old Town/Chinatown, and what people on the streets are going through living on both sides of the gun.

All of this and much more in this issue of Street Roots. Go buy it from your local vendor! Now!

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