Friday, January 11, 2008

Street Roots community resources on services, policy research and criminalization now on-line

Street Roots has put together a community resource page for people experiencing homelessness and poverty, social service providers, journalists, students, policy wonks, advocates and others.

Under the Street Roots section you will find information about the organization ranging from our annual report to the newspapers editorial schedule to our strategic plan.

Under community resources you will find information on the following resources -

Rose City Resource: We have itemized specific sections to download from the Rose City Resources. You can download itemized updated information on services available throughout the Portland region.

Downtown map and services: You can download a map and information on downtown services available for people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

Research and policy: This section contains a cross-section of updated reports and policy research concerning homelessness, affordable housing and civil rights.

Know your rights: In this section you will find information regarding legal advice, information on laws that target people experiencing homelessness, complaint procedures, and much more.

You can access Street Roots Community Resources through our website and at the wiki pages themselves

  • Resources you can use

  • Wiki pages at Street Roots website