Thursday, February 7, 2008

People on the streets targeted with sit-lie enforcement

Between Nov. 1, and Nov. 19, Portland police issued 42 sidewalk
obstruction (sit-lie) warnings and six citations to people sitting on
sidewalks, according to documents obtained by Street Roots. At least 34
of those warning and citations were to people experiencing homelessness.
Several police reports do not determine if an individual was "transient"
or had a place of residence.

After a 30-day lull in enforcement – police began to issue more sidewalk
warnings and citations on Dec. 19. From Dec. 19 and 27, police issued
seven warnings and five citations, all to people experiencing

The latest round of warnings and citations issued brings the total number
to 62 warnings and 14 citations issued since the beginning of September

The most recent revision of the sidewalk obstruction ordinance bans
individuals from sitting or lying on public sidewalks from 7 a.m. to 9
p.m. The maximum penalty for violation of the ordinance is $250.
Beyond the majority of individuals receiving warnings – Street Roots found
that at least 11 of the individuals receiving warnings, and five who
received citations, were sleeping at the time of enforcement.

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