Thursday, March 20, 2008

Prowling through history with the Black Panther Party - new Street Roots

The new Street Roots will hit the street tomorrow. The feature story sheds light on Portland's Black Panther history with co-founder Kent Ford. Street Roots has a chilling Q & A with abortion doctor Susan Wicklund from Portland and Affordable Housing Now's Julie Massa talks about the politics of affordable housing in Portland.

A section 8 landlord argues that the problem with the lack of availability for low-income residents is a bigger problem than a tight market. A mother offers a letter to Portland's street community after her daughter was found dead at Laurelhurst Park, Jay Thiemeyer offers up his world-view of St. Augustine and Street Roots offers up its opinions on the latest results of Portland's ever controversial sit-lie law.

Did we mention the great art and poetry from Portland's streets? All of this and much more in tomorrow's Street Roots.

Support a vendor in your neighborhood and get a great read in return.

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