Thursday, April 3, 2008

Erik Sten, Jim Middaugh and oh so much more in the new Street Roots

The new Street Roots will be out tomorrow. Managing Editor Joanne Zuhl spends an afternoon with Erik Sten. Dubbed the “street fighter” back in 2003, Erik walks us through the peaks and valleys of life at City Hall and just how he came to get such a nickname.

A new mental health coalition called MindFreedom Oregon is organizing individuals statewide, and they aren’t playing around. The new coalition based in Eugene is made up of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors who want radical change in the services provided to individuals working with and dealing with mental illness.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We profile formerly homeless mayoral candidate Steven Entwisle and interview council candidate Jim Middaugh. Middaugh who is running a tight race with well-respected Nick Fish throws down on private police. He also talks affordable housing, public safety and Portland's future.

Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) head has been forced out. Go figure huh? Street Roots editorial and Soup Can both weigh in on Alphonso’s departure.

We connect with Tara Herivel, a Portland defense attorney and editor of the new book Private Profiteers: Who makes money from mass incarceration, and head on down to St. Augustine with the great Jay Thiemeyer.

Did we mention the art, poetry and beautiful rants from the streets? You won’t be disappointed. Get your Street Roots from your local neighborhood vendor!


Anonymous said...

Is that Erik Sten sitting on a sidewalk?

Street Roots said...

Why, yes, it is Erik on the sidewalk.

I don't think our photographer, Kristina Wright, planned it that way, but she just captured Erik breaking the law.


Israel Bayer

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