Friday, September 21, 2007

Rose City Resources on the streets!

The Rose City Resources are in! More than 5,000 have already been distributed to numerous community organizations. Four-thousand more will be delivered or picked up in the next week. If you would like copies you can stop by the office at 211 NW Davis between 7:30AM and 3PM, or you can call 503-228-5657 or write for delivery.

The Rose City Resource booklet is a publication of Street Roots, and is Portland's most comprehensive, updated list of services for people experiencing homelessness and poverty. This booklet serves people who may not otherwise have access to a computer or social service agency, and allow individuals the opportunity to be independent in their search for services that fit their specific needs.

The Rose City Resource is made possible by the cooperation of the City of Portland, 211 and Street Roots. This guide is published quarterly with updated information and seasonal events. All locations are in Portland, unless otherwise noted.

If you would like your information listed in the Rose City Resource, or to make updates or changes to the listings, please call Eddy Barbosa at Street Roots. You may also email your information directly.

With the creation of the new resources Street Roots will have four more pages of in-depth news starting September 28th. The four pages will have a vendor/street culture page, an international and national page in cooperation with the Street News Service, and one-more page of local news and/or commentaries.


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Anonymous said...

fantastic work on these guys. we have probably given away 150 of the 250 we got from you. they are definatly appreciated on the street and are a format that everyone seems to appreciate.