Friday, September 21, 2007

Want to know what Street Roots readers are saying about us?

Street Roots recently finished its 2007 Readers Survey with the help of volunteer consultant Sarah Johnson. Below are some of the comments people left on the survey. Look for a more in-depth report from the survey in the up and coming paper on September 28th.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by much of the recent content, both new editorial focus on local issues and on "canned" material that has an impact on issues that affect homelessness and social services. I have long wondered why Street Roots wasn't more political and topical. While I think the poetry and cultural information has fans, I am more interested in the hard news and political opinion.”

“More pages! Thanks for continuing to put out a quality publication!”

“How about at least two different views shared by writers on crucial issues?”

“The Vendors are the ambassadors of the paper, they have changed the hearts and minds of many Portlanders about the realities of homelessness, thanks and respect to them! Street Roots is the best op-ed section to all of the other papers in town!”

“I appreciate all the substantive writing, and would have liked to have been able to check more that one box above. My usual reading pattern is to skip the horoscope, sometimes read some poetry and sometimes not, and read all the rest. Keep up the great work.”

“I like the fact that I support Street Roots and what it stands for!”

“Every vendor I have done business with was informative and friendly!”

“I truly appreciate and enjoy reading the newspaper -- a great addition to local media. I also really enjoy buying a paper each week and chatting with the vendors. I have always had great experiences with them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“I love the paper and the social and economical networking it provides the community.”

“Really enjoy this paper, I'm very satisfied that I bought it. I like the fact that it helps the homeless people. I have been homeless and I know what its like. The person that sold this paper to me was very kind and a talented person. He showed me his artwork.

“The writing has improved, but the paper has lost its edge.”

“I came from Frisco where they have Street Sheet. Street Roots is far superior

“Keep the vendors respective not in your face!”

“More articles that inform and inspire citizens to become involved in our community... especially voting in national and state-wide elections, developing creative housing alternatives and helping the homeless to help themselves.”

“I love this paper for it's truth and for what it does to help the vendors. Buying the paper has changed me from a person who was not comfortable with all homeless people. Now, I strike up conversations and enjoy chatting with the vendors and they, in return, must be feeling better also!”

“I enjoy the articles on Portland street culture and vendor biographies and news articles relating to Portland politics and justice issues from a street perspective instead of a suite perspective. Thanks for all you do!!! Also, this paper is a comfortable way to give a homeless person a buck and have some interaction.”

“If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly bear.

“Stick with homeless focus. Don't become just another left-wing press.”

“Try to improve the quality of writing Misspellings - looks unprofessional.”
“I have been reading SRs for years and I am very pleased with how it has grown over time. I am happy to support SR vendor. I was homeless once for less than a year.”

“Keep it going. A great platform that fosters understanding among different segments of the PDX community.”

“Street Roots is a great opportunity for the homeless and other minority groups. I also donate when my finances allow.”

“It's a person-to-person contact that I appreciate.”

“The current level of alarm over PPI is a bit over the top. Why don't you send a reporter to the Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting? You might be surprised that the people who live downtown are fed up with panhandlers, drunks, drug addicts, and criminals. I would think that homeless people would be just as afraid of these low lives as the rest of us. Neighborhood residents are very much in favor of PPI.”

“Keep it up. Even though there are people who pass you by, there are supporters in the community.”

“I appreciate your hard work and the independent perspective you provide in reporting both Portland news and news from the homeless community.”

“I think the changes being made in the content of the paper are exceptional. The featured articles seem more in depth and the choice of stories (the environment, PBA/PPI, Hurricane Kat) are timely and engrossing.”

“Do not be agenda driven in the reporting. Just report the stories factually.”

“Street Roots, while serving to provide voice to the homeless community, is supported by the local community members. If you think about your target audience, working class urbanites, you should change the content to reflect their interests. I don't want to buy a newspaper to support someone, when the paper itself is going to make me feel terrible or is completely interested. It’s a waste of time and resources for printing. It needs to have content that people want to read and will make them feel good. Not make them feel horrible. (Just one person's perspective)

“I have had a chance to read a lot of street papers and yours is overall the best I have seen (seriously, not just me blowing smoke).

“I agree with the Willamette Week article that the feel of the paper has shifted from edgy street articles toward mainstream articles that are better cover on the Internet and other progressive news sources. It is sad that one source of empowerment for homeless people has faded from Portland. The rough writing and unabashed opinions were honest if sometimes crude. Something seems to have been lost.”

“I feel like Street Roots has elevated the playing field for activism and news in Portland. Great work!”

“I think the changes being made in the content of the paper are exceptional. The featured articles seem more in depth and the choice of stories (the environment, PBA/PPI, Hurricane Kat) are timely and engrossing.”

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