Monday, December 17, 2007

San Fran looks to Portland for creative ways to clear sidewalks

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an interesting piece this weekend on Portland's role in clearing the streets of individuals experiencing homelessness coupled with services through the Safe Access For Everyone (SAFE) committee.

Mike Kuykendall says the criticism never seemed to let up.

"We were barraged with people complaining about conditions downtown," he said. "There were people sitting on the sidewalk, there were guys with sleeping bags and pit bulls, and there was aggressive panhandling. We had visitors and conventioneers saying they didn't want to come back."

Sound familiar?

No, it isn't downtown San Francisco.

Kuykendall is the head of the Business Alliance of Portland, Ore. Last week, he led a group that came to town to pitch San Francisco officials on Portland's downtown plan, called "Street Access for Everyone."

  • S.F. leaders hear about Portland's approach to homelessness
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    Anonymous said...

    I think Mike forgot to tell them that the city is going to end up paying for the day access center, public restrooms and that our park benches won't be in place until 2009.