Monday, December 24, 2007

You can help us reach our goal!

Dear Street Roots supporter,

Street Roots readers have donated nearly $15,000 for the Winter Fund Drive. That means we still need to raise $10,000 to lower the cost of newspaper to vendors in 2008. You can help!

Street Roots is on the verge of celebrating its ninth year in existence. During that time period Street Roots has put more than $1 million directly into the hands of people experiencing homelessness and poverty, helped launch Dignity Village, published nine books from people on the streets and maintained a balance of professional news and advocacy, along with bringing you the voices from the streets.

During that same time period we have been a part of housing scores of vendors and creating an atmosphere of hope and dignity. The relationships built between vendors and community members, along with helping educate a broader base about issues of homelessness and poverty, have led us to where we are today.

Much like the little train that could, Street Roots continues to chug away. We’ve set goals in 2008 to redesign the newspaper in a way that improves curb appeal for vendors and will allow us to explore the options of going full color and eventually weekly. With your help we can reach these goals. Improving the newspaper increases sales for vendors, and increasing sales for vendors allows individuals to maintain their own lives in a way that offers dignity and respect. Not to mention that it allows you, the readers, to be better informed on a variety of issues that are often swept under the rug by the mainstream media. By supporting the organization, you are not only supporting a human being’s livelihood, you are supporting grassroots media.

We believe the newspaper brings Portlanders not only voices from the streets, but unique perspectives from community organizers, authors, policy wonks, candidates, and a range of alternative voices that are helping shape the environment we all call home. That home takes many shapes and forms, from a doorway in front of a business to a camp on the edge of town. Maybe home is a loft in the Pearl, or a small house in a quiet neighborhood — regardless, there’s one thing that helps us connect the two very different worlds, and that’s Street Roots. Help us continue to deliver that connection between people in a changing world of isolationism. Help us be the change we seek. Help us reach our $25,000 goal.

Thank you for you consideration.

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    Happy holidays! And thank you for your support!

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