Friday, December 7, 2007

Street Roots needs your help!

Street Roots has raised nearly $9,400 in the first month of the organizations Winter Fund Drive. We’ve set a goal of 25K. We can’t do it without you!

This year Street Roots is working towards empowering vendors by lowering the costs of the newspaper for vendors from 30 cents to 25 cents, that’s a 75 percent profit off of each paper sold.

We are also developing a sales training video for vendors, as well as providing fresh water, coffee and a warm and safe place for vendors and people on the streets to congregate in the office 365 days a year.

The relationship built between readers and vendors is an amazing thing in itself. The self-confidence and self-worth individuals experience is immeasurable. The income individuals are able to gain through the sale of the newspaper is life changing.

As one vendor recently put it. “I sell these newspapers to keep me alive, so you better keep producing them. Without it (newspaper), I’m as good as gone. Things are turning around, and for the first time in a long while, I have reason to believe in something.”

The content delivered to readers through the newspaper is irreplaceable. In 2007, Street Roots published in-depth features on privatization of police, immigrant rights, gentrification, rural poverty, affordable housing and homelessness, and environmental justice. We produced two special editions, one on individuals displaced from New Orleans, the other on food, poverty and social justice.

And if that’s not enough, each issue has been jammed packed with commentaries by community organizers, people experiencing homelessness and poverty, policy wonks, media hounds, and an assorted mix of muckrakers, do-gooders, hellraisers and individuals who above all else, care about the people and the city and world we live.

Please help us reach our goal this winter of 25K!

From all of us at Street Roots, we thank you!

Donate on-line today:
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  • or you can send a donation to Street Roots, 211 NW Davis, Portland, Oregon 97209

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